Hair Services

I specialize in hair extensions but also offer a range of basic hairdressing services including cuts, and styling.

Hair Extensions

At KTS Hair Extensions I only Fit the best 100% Remy Indian, Preuvian & Russian Mongolian hair extensions by method of prebonded, micro ring, Copper Tubes, Tape & Weft attachments. The Hair is available in a variety of colours and in 14 - 22 inch lengths.

I work from Brough in East Yorkshire and cover the East Yorkshire area, in and around Hull.

I am a highly experienced and qualified hairdresser with over 15 years teaching experience I now specialize in training and fitting hair extensions so you can be assured you are in good hands.

I not only pride myself on my fitting and styling skills but also on my customer service.

I believe the extensions service lasts throughout the life of your extensions not just during the fitting. This is why with all services I recommend a maintenance check at 4-6 weeks and I am always available to give advice and support to help you look after and maintain you extensions and keep them looking their best!

Consultations are free and you are under no obligation. However once a booking is made I require a £100 non-refundable deposit this is to cover the cost of the service time lost as well as the costs incurred to purchase the hair needed.

Prices for a full set of hair extensions start from £150

Fitting prices For pricelist click here

Fittings are Subject to availability and carried out in my home salon unless otherwise agreed.

Hair Extensions services

There are so many different ways of fitting hair extensions it can be a bit of a minefield knowing which is best for you. But don't worry, during consultation we will discuss which is best for you but to give you an idea below is a discription of which fittings I offer.
Micro ring extensions

Rings & Tubes

Micro ring, Copper tube & Nano ring extensions

Probably the most popular method at the minute as it has the benefits of no glue, braids or heat..

Thet are applied as single strands to the hair and held in place with a silicone lined ring or tube. We use silicone lined fixings to protect your own natural hair and help guard against slipping.

Micro rings ar suitable for most clients but for clients with finer hair or those wanting a more descreet fitting we suggest copper tubes. These are much thinner and less noticable then micro rings and sit almost flat agaist the head.

Nano rings are the smallest rings on the market at only 2mm in diametre clients love their versatility

Tape Extensions

Tape extensions

A quick and discreet fitting method.

The tapes themselves are small wefts or hair which with a sticky tab.

The extensions are applied by sandwiching a thin section of your natural hair between 2 of the tapes. Generally, you would have between 20-30 tapes in your hair for a full head.

This is a very quick method of application; a full set can be applied in 1-1.5. But not only will you save time you will save money too! Because the fitting is quicker the fitting cost is lower then other methods

If you wear your hair in high ponytails then this is the method for you! Tape extensions are really thin and virtually invisible in your ponytail. They are super flexible in your hair too - you cannot feel them when you brush over them or wash them.

Prebond hair extensions


Keratin bonded Extensions

Extensions are applied in a strand-by-strand manner. The hair is bonded to the natural hair with a hot hair extension applicator. The bond is then rolled until it cools and hardens, sealing the extention and natural hair together.

The bonding agent used is keratin based, keratin is a protein which forms the structure of human hair, making this the kindest type of glue application available.

Pre Bonded Hair Extensions can last upto 3 months if the correct aftercare guidelines are followed and they are regulary maintained.

For a successful application you need to have a healthy head of hair and the hair has to be thick enough to support a hair extension.

LA weave

Micro Ring Weft

A quick and simple Micro Ring method.

A weft is a long piece of hair instead of single strands of hair. Similar to those you get with clip in hair extensions. If you usually wear clip-ins but want something more permanent then this is ideally suited for you!

In a Micro Ring Weft fitting The weft is cut into several pieces to fit the clients head and secured in place by using 1 of 2 methods

  1. A piece of the weft hair and a piece of your natural hair is pulled though the micro ring and squeezed shut holding the weft in place
  2. The micro rings are positioned alone the natural hair in rows. the weft is then sewn in and out of each ring to secure the weft in place. This method is commonly called the Micro Ring Track, braidless weave or LA Weave method.

A Micro Ring Weft will need repositioning after about 1 month, although if the hair has been well looked after the weft can be used for up to 3 months.

Other hairdressing services

I also offer cutting for ladies, gents and kids. Hair styling including blowdrys and curling, straightening and hair up.